IRIS Focuses on Results

IRIS brings together the deep domain expertise typically found in a large contractor with the agility and focus of a smaller, more entrepreneurial firm.    

IRIS is Driven to Make a Difference

IRIS is driven to help our customers improve the overall integrity of health information technology (HIT) exchange between healthcare organizations and the spectrum of government health agencies, to reduce the incidents and costs of medical errors, and to measurably increase the quality of care.

The IRIS Customized Engagement Model

The IRIS flexible business model allows us to take on projects of all sizes and complexities. From improving business operations to optimizing electronic healthcare records, we design and deliver customized solutions that help you perform more efficiently to the benefit of your patients, your employees, and your enterprise.

IRIS Breaking News

IRIS launches the IRIS Semantic Interoperability Platform (iSIP™) with an innovative, free, online service, FHIM View™

FHIMView Overview

NEW: The IRIS FHIM View™ Service
FHIM View™ is a free, online service designed to support semantic interoperability that provides the health IT community with a compelling, visually understandable, and downloadable presentation of the Federal Health Information Model (FHIM).   
FHIM View™ takes the complex UML modeled data contained in the FHIM and renders it in a simple, direct way. FHIM View™ allows users to conduct word and category searches and explore an intuitive ‘mind map’ to quickly target and collect specific health elements from among thousands. The gathered results can then be downloaded into Excel or viewed as a graphical representation that can be printed and shared.

Directly access the power of the FHIM by registering and logging into: